Cems Dust Measuring Device

Scattered Light And Transmittance Dust Measuring Device
Cems Dust Measuring Device of SICK Sensor Intelligence
  • Description
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    Light scattering by dust particles is a measurement principle that allows even very low concentrations of dust to be detected. Transmittance dust measuring devices transmit light through the entire duct. With this type of measurement, light attenuation indicates the concentration of dust inside the duct.

    Category: Opacity / Dust measurement

Auburn Systems

Auburn Triboelectic Detection
Auburn Triboelectric Detection
  • Description
    Auburn Systems Logo Auburn Triboelectric Detection 2

    Triboelectric detection is a reliable and accurate method to optimize industrial dust collection and baghouse operations. Sensitivity exceeds common optical solutions, and provides predictive capability to prevent downtime and compliance problems. Auburn Systems designed and developed the industry’s first dry particulate velocity sensor using our patented triboelectric technology. Most commonly, pipe line air velocity is calculated based on perceived or measured flow, actual or estimated pressure along the route, and then operated accordingly. However, when pipes or ducts are dust laden or even have small amounts of dust in the process, traditional air flow velocity sensors cannot monitor in those conditions. Using two probes, either intrusive, or non-intrusive, we use a cross correlation technique to sense the triboelectric signature from the particulate as it passes by each of our probes. Flush-mounted ring sensor arrays provide for non-intrusive measurement and a variety of connection designs allows for easy insertion into standard pneumatic conveying lines. The result is a very accurate particle velocity.

    Category: Dust measurement

FER Strumenti

  • Description
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    FER Strumenti offers a complete range of analyzers, analysis systems and accessories for the analysis of combustion gas (emissions and regulation), pure gases and protection gases. Our production consists of in-situ and extractive equipment for safe and hazardous areas, analysis systems (also multiplexing on multiple sampling points), carefully designed according to customer requirements.

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    Category: Gas measurement

  • CEMS

    Fer Strumenti's CEMS solutions are analyzer solutions that have been specifically designed for measuring emissions at power plants, industrial facilities and even marine. CEMS solutions can be used to measure pollutants and reference quantities and to perform data processing on the results in accordance with the DOE’s regulation.

  • Oxygen Analyzers for ATEX zone and Safer Zone
    Oxygen Analyzer Oxygen Analyzer

    The entire series of Oxygen analyzers produced by FER Strumenti is based on a zirconium oxide (zirconia) element completely stabilized by yttrium oxide. The zirconium oxide cell is produced by FER Strumenti. This element ensures the best accuracy in measurement and gives the possibility to measure O2 even at relatively low temperatures without any interference.

Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG

Biogas Analyser
  • Description
    Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG Logo Gas CEMS

    Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG is a leading manufacturer of CEMS monitoring air pollutants, dust and flow. Our measuring devices “made in Germany” have been used in operation worldwide for more than 25 years now. The clientele comprises of power plants, cement plants, incinerators for waste, biomass and sewage sludge as well as plants for chemical and metallurgical industry. Specilized in Wet Gas Application and Hot Wet CEMS Gas Application.

    Category: Gas measurement


Water Quality Analysers and Sensors
ECOS™ Water Quality Analysers and Sensors
  • Description
    ECOS™ Logo

    ECOS™ is a Malaysian brand created to cater for the needs of reliable and good local support for water quality analysers and sensors.

    Category: Liquid measurement

  • List of Parameters
    • Temperature
    • pH/ORP
    • Turbidiy
    • Total Suspended Solid (TSS)
    • Dissolve Oxygen
    • Conductivity/TDS/Salinity
    • Ammonium/Ammonia
    • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
    • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
    • Chloride
    • Calcium
    • Sodium
    • Bromide
    • Chlrophyll

Vaisala MGP261

  • Description
    Vaisala Logo

    Vaisala MGP261 Multigas Probe for Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Humidity helps in improving your process and in protecting the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine. The MGP261 probe is compact in size, Ex certified, and can be installed directly into the gas line without the need for sample treatment. Vaisala MGP 261 does is maintenance free hence it significantly reduce the operating cost for need of calibration.

    Category: Biogas measurement

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia

Biogas Analyser – ETG Risorse
Biogas Analyser
  • Description
    ETG Risorse e Tecnologia Logo Biogas Analyser

    The ETG analyzers have the ability to measure CO2, CO, O2 and H2S in addition to CH4. ETG, also, in order to maintain low maintenance costs, has devised a system of cleaning electrochemical to measure H2S, installing an automatic measurement and flushing air environment. In this way, the electrochemical cell measuring H2S is preserved and will last longer. During the cleaning time, it is "frozen" the last reading, do not get the false statements. Our NDIR analyzers have virtually eliminated the zero drift after the initial period of heating. Temperature compensation and pressure eliminates the major causes of span drift typical of many NDIR instruments.

    Category: Biogas measurement

Kruss Refractometers

Kruss Refractometers
  • Description
    Kruss Logo

    Kruss Refractometers ensure high accuracy measurement of the refractive index and %Brix. They are designed to meet the requirements of a modern and digital laboratory; they are user friendly and easy to clean.

    Category: Concentration measurement

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