IP Camera CCTV System Solutions

  • The use of a Wi-Fi or wireless network secures data transmission through encryption and authentication methods such as WPA, WPA2 and AES.
  • Remote accessibility allowing live video to be viewed from any device with sufficient access privileges.
  • PoE Power over Ethernet to supply power through the ethernet cable and operate without a dedicated power supply.
  • Link to DOE server with internet connection.

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

Ecos Link Solutions understand the importance of your process and the need of have a reliable system:
We will study your plant process to provide a sustainable system with minimal service and replacement parts in the long term.

We understand the importance of having an accurate emission data for your combustion process fine tuning:
• Fast response time to service and providing accurate information regarding emission monitoring system

We understand the importance of data to not only be collected by office but to be received by the DOE:
• Provide an easy solution to link to DOE by using your office Wifi connection.

We work closely with the Department of Environmental to provide first handed insight on upcoming change in the enforcement of the regulations:
• Free consultation on existing system to and tailored an efficient monitoring system with a cost benefit analysis.


Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)

RAA & RATA derives from the United States Environmental Protective Agency (EPA). The QA procedures consist of two distinct and equally important functions. One function is the assessment of the quality of the CEMS data by estimating accuracy. The other function is the control and improvement of the quality of the CEMS data by implementing QC policies and corrective actions. These two functions form a control loop:

When the assessment function indicates that the data quality is inadequate, the control effort must be increased until the data quality is acceptable. In order to provide uniformity in the assessment and reporting of data quality, this procedure explicitly specifies the assessment methods for response drift and accuracy.

To ensure the accuracy of the data auditing have to be perform on site. Each CEMS must be audited at least once each calendar quarter. Successive quarterly audits shall occur no closer than 2 months. The audits shall be conducted as follows:

Relative Accuracy Audit (RAA). The RAA may be conducted three of four calendar quarters, but in no more than three quarters in succession. To conduct a RAA, follow the procedure described in the applicable PS in appendix B for the relative accuracy test, except that only three sets of measurement data are required. Analyses of EPA performance audit samples are also required.

One Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) is required at least every four calendar quarters, except in the case where the affected facility is off-line (does not operate) in the fourth calendar quarter since the quarter of the previous RATA. In that case, the RATA shall be performed in the quarter in which the unit recommences operation.

Sampling system

Tailored Design
Ecos Link Solutions tailored the design of your analyser sampling system to best fit your operation. We have an experienced engineering team that provide the most reliable sampling systems with a wide variety of application for various industries.

Tested equipment
Each component of the system play a vital role to remove particulates and corrosives, by adjusting the pressure, flow rate and temperature to allow our analyzers to accurately measure the desired parameters. All system under goes Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) which are performed in our factory. We then provide installation, testing and commissioning along with Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

Handover training
There is a hand over training for your staff on how to operate and the function of each component of the sampling system to ensure that you receive continuous benefits even at the end of the installation.

Sampling System
Quality Assurance Level 2

Quality Assurance Level 2

In 2007 the European Standards Committee CEN 264 published a standard EN15259:2007 Measurement of stationary source emissions -Requirements for measurement sections and sites and for the measurement objective, plan and report. The standard was many years in development with the UK taking a very active role.

The standard defines requirements for:
  1. the measurement sections and sites at waste gas ducts of industrial plants, and
  2. the measurement objective, plan and report

Reporting functional tests
The principles of British Standard (BS) EN 14181 are relatively simple in that suitable monitoring equipment is installed; it is set up correctly, calibrated effectively and monitored over time to ensure the derived calibration function maintains its validity and suitable checks are made.

The outcome of this is to increase both the accuracy and precision of the installed instrument, thus increasing the confidence in the results it reports and ultimately reducing the potential requirement for additional specialist monitoring to verify the performance of the process. One of the most important aspects of EN14181 is the functionality tests, part of QAL2 and AST.

QAL2 and AST
EN 14181 specifies within QAL2 and the AST that CEMs must have a set of annual functional tests. The functional tests may be performed by the operator, test laboratory, CEMs supplier, or another third-party.

The functional tests include linearity, response time and zero / span checks. Functional test results should be reported using a form that meets the requirements of Environment Agency Technical Guidance Note M20 and EN 14181.

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